G2 go past TYLOO, Liquid defeat OG

American and French teams will face each other in group A upper semifinals.

IEM Winter 2021 continues and brings two more intense matches. G2 were battling TYLOO, while Liquid were beating OG.

Liquid surprised their fans
Liquid surprised their fans

G2 were ready to go past TYLOO as the Chinese team didn’t show any sufficient results on the tier-1 scene. However, the clash was unexpectedly hard for the French team. G2 were destroying their opponent in the first half but TYLOO did an impressive attempt to come back on the CT side which was denied by NiKo and co. G2 finished the map with a score of 16-13.

Liquid didn’t look like a favorite of the match against OG. However, after a close first half American team started to dominate on the T side. OG tried to stop Liquid but Americans were unstoppable and they finished this map with a score of 16-12.

G2 are preparing to face Liquid in the upper semifinals of group A, while TYLOO and OG are waiting for their standoff.