G2 overcome NIP, advance to the upper semifinal

The French team beat NIP, who are still playing without device.

Blast Premier World Final 2021 continues and the third match of the opening round has been finished. G2 overcame NIP in their clash.

NiKo has shown predictably high level of individual skill
NiKo has shown predictably high level of individual skill

The first map was Nuke and it was NIP’s pick. And the Swedish team proved that their Nuke is one of the best on the scene right now. They took 10 rounds even on the T side and were able to finish the game easily. The first map ended with a score of 16-11 in favor of NIP.

The second map was Dust and G2 started to show the power of individual skill on their pick. The first half wasn’t fortunate enough but the CT side was absolutely dominated by the French team. They have finished the game with a score of 16-11.

The last map was Inferno and it was the most competitive interval of the match. Both teams showed a good shape on the CT side but NIP weren’t confident enough and G2 managed to take the win with a score of 16-14.

G2 are waiting for the winner of the Astralis vs Vitality clash while NIP are preparing to face the loser of this standoff in the lower bracket.