G2 take first place in group A overcoming NIP

Group A matches have been finished.

Group A clashes at Blast Premier Spring Groups have come to a close, and the placement has been decided.

In the group, final G2 faced NIP once again after winning over them in the upper bracket final. G2 looked much more powerful, as their roster has already shown good adaption and performance.

G2 won three matches in a row
G2 won three matches in a row

The teams that decided to play Mirage as NIP weren’t successful on the Inferno against the European team. The first half was unfortunate for G2 as it was difficult for them to seize the advantage, and they won only 6 rounds out of 15 on the T side. However, in the second half, the situation was reversed, and NIP were struggling. G2 made it to the overtime. And the European team looked much more confident at the end of the match, winning the game with a score of 22-19.

G2 advance to the third round of Knockout stage, while NIP are going to the second round. G2 need to win one out of two matches to qualify for Blast Premier Spring Final.