Gambit knock out Vitality; NIP eliminate MOUZ from IEM Katowice

Two matches in the lower bracket ended before the start of the third map.

The lower semifinals of group A at IEM Katowice have come to a close, and two more teams have left the tournament.

Firstly, Gambit faced Vitality. Gambit started their journey in the lower bracket from the match against CPH Flames in the first round, while Vitality lost to Heroic in the upper semifinals.

Gambit knock Vitality out from IEM Katowice
Gambit knock Vitality out from IEM Katowice

Gambit picked Mirage and started the map with domination. Even on the T side CIS team managed to win ten rounds, and their win was a matter of time. The first map ended 16-7. Vitality chose Inferno. The first was close and ended with a score of 8-7 in favor of the French team. However, on the T side, Gambit showed incredible performance, winning the map and the match.

Gambit advance to the lower final of group A, while Vitality leave the tournament.

Secondly, NIP encountered MOUZ, who won the match against OG in the opening match of the lower bracket.

MOUZ picked Vertigo but didn’t manage to follow their game plan, losing the first half 6-9. They tried to come back on the CT side, but NIP were unstoppable and won the first map 16-11. The second map was Ancient, and it was a disaster for MOUZ. They managed to win six rounds on the CT side and no more, losing the game 16-6.

NIP advance to the lower bracket final to face Gambit, while MOUZ leave the tournament.