Gambit Esports win IEM Fall CIS

Back in their spring form.

Final match of the competition.

As all five teams from CIS have qualified to PGL Major Stockholm, it was time to find out the IEM Fall CIS winner, as Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere have clashed for a yet another time this year.

Both teams have faced each other on 28 maps before the final, so it was hardly a surprise that Overpass turned out to be the first map in a best of three. Back and forth to start the map, Gambit Esports pushed the pace on their offence by the end of the first half, switching with a three round lead. Natus Vincere tried to find cracks in Gambit’s defence, but fumbled against a force buy, giving up the economy advantage and the map win, “7-16”. Moving to Mirage, Natus Vincere managed to turn things around in the first half after trailing “3-7”, as they switched with a one round lead, as “s1mple”’s “1v4” clutch in the pistol seemed to push them even further ahead. Another disaster in a force buy, however, ensued in the third round, as Gambit Esports turned the game on its head and with help of a pair of well timed bomb defuses secured the map, “16-11” and the entire series, “2-0”.

Both squads will be among the biggest favourites to win PGL Major Stockholm and it will hardly be a surprise if Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere faced each other in the finals in Sweden in few weeks time.