"gla1ve" returns to Astralis for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The captain is back.

The unexpected announcement.

The four time Major champions Astralis have announced their lineup for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, where despite not having their legendary lineup in full power, the Danes are going to defend their trophy, which they have secured during the last three cycles.

Surprisingly, the team has decided to change their roster from the IEM Fall Europe, where Astralis placed in the semifinals, as the famous captain and in-game leader “gla1ve” decided to return to the squad after his first child berth. “gla1ve” will not have to play with an AWP as he did during the IEM Cologne 2021, as “Lucky” will be in the active lineup, as will be a trusted trio of “Magisk”, “Xyp9x” and “dupreeh”. The odd man out will be “Bubzkji”, who is going to miss a yet another tournament despite being a staple player for Astralis during the last few months, as the legendary team and their coach “zonic” might go on the last run together before splitting after the end of the season.

Only time will tell if that was a right decision, but Astralis opting to use all of the available experience to perform on the highest level during the most important tournament of the year is perfectly understandable considering the potential lack of firepower compared to the other top teams.