Gla1ve confirmed Magisk, z0nic and dupreeh to Vitality rumors

Astralis’ captain hints at the future of benched players.

gla1ve gives a hint about recent rumors
gla1ve gives a hint about recent rumors

Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 continues and even interviews at the tournament give topics to discuss.

During Astralis vs Vitality prematch interview Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander was asked about players who left the roster after PGL Stockholm Major 2021. The interviewer called them “lost parts”. And his answer was spectacular: “You can ask guys in front about these lost parts”. This answer confirms that at least two members of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Astralis roster will move to Vitality in 2022. Rumors about this transfer were first mentioned after the Major and now Astralis’ captain heats them up.

Right now Astralis and Vitality are fighting for the spot in the Grand final of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021.