Gla1ve Is the Best Player in the Roobet Cup Fifth Day

The Astralis captain has outdone himself.

The Roobet Cup 2022 fifth day has ended, the group stage is over, and now we can determine the best player of the day.

Gla1ve become the best player. IGL of Astralis finished the match against Complexity with a rating of 7.2 and helped to make his team to the playoffs. His KD was 65-48, and his ADR was 97. It is a perfect match for the captain of Astralis, as he made 18 multi-kills, one of which was a quadruple kill. In addition, gla1ve is the second-best player in the match. According to open frag statistics, IGL has opened the round 11 times. His accuracy was 19%, which is the best result for a rifler. In his team, gla1ve is the best rifler due to this indicator. The Dane also proved to be excellent support. The Dane blinded enemies for 175 seconds and also dealt 260 damage. The total damage dealt by the captain was 6.9 thousand.

Gla1ve doesn't show a high level of individual performance so often, so he also led the way in form growth (+30%). Its closest follower in this statistic was woxic with 16%.

Three more players distinguished themselves by personal rating. BlameF, Twistzz, and woxic ended the day with a 7.1 rating.

The tournament's top three players by average rating are sh1ro, Hobbit, and blameF.

The playoffs of the Roobet Cup will start today, and two more teams will leave the tournament.