GODSENT get a ticket to the playoff, OG leave IEM Winter 2021

GODSENT are going to the dream while NIP trying to come back.

IEM Winter 2021 continues and gives viewers more spectacular matches. GODSENT were battling for the spot in the playoff, while NIP and OG were trying to stay alive

NIP are ready to come back
NIP are ready to come back

GODSENT came across BIG in the upper semi-finals of group B. The match was close and needed three maps to decide the winner. However, the GODSENT’s pick was not really competitive because BIG dominated on this map. The last two maps were close but the Brazilian team were stronger and finished the match with a score of 2-1. 

OG faced NIP in the second round of the lower bracket and this standoff promised to be close and competitive. The first two maps were exciting and both of them ended with a score of 16-13. But the decider was dominated by NIP and the Swedish team eliminated OG.

NIP are going to face Liquid in the battle for the playoff slot while GODSENT are preparing for Virtus.pro in the upper bracket final to fight for the spot in the semi-finals.