Group A concludes at ESL Pro League

Playoff participants are decided.

The last day of Group A matches at ESL Pro League Season 15 has come to a close, and playoff spots have been distributed.

The last day didn’t decide the playoff participants. The only thrilling detail was the fight for second place in Group A, which will help the team face a more comfortable opponent in the first round of the playoff.

Entropiq take second place in Group A
Entropiq take second place in Group A

Entropiq and fnatic were competing for second place. They faced each other on the last day of Group A.

Fnatic picked Overpass and showed decent performance on the T side, winning seven rounds. However, after the streak of rounds on the CT side, fnatic collapsed and lost control. Entropiq used it to their benefit and won the game 16-13.

Entrpopiq picked Vertigo and dominated on the T side. They won ten rounds before the sides switched. However, fnatic started to come back on the T side, but Entropiq quickly denied that attempt and finished their pick 16-13.

Following the results, NIP take first place in Group A, advancing to the quarterfinals, while Entropiq and fnatic enter the first round of the playoff with second and third place taken relatively. G2, MOUZ, and LookingForOrg leave the event.

The matches of Group B at ESL Pro League start on March 16th.