Group B at ESL Pro League concludes; FaZe take the spot in the playoff

FaZe enter the playoff of ESL Pro League.

Group B matches at ESL Pro League have come to a close, and the list of the playoff participants has been set.

There were three simultaneous matches on day 5 of Group B. However, only two standoffs decided the teams to qualify for the playoff. These clashes are FaZe vs FURIA and Outsiders vs Vitality. Outsiders needed the win, while their defeat was enough for FaZe to get the spot at the main event.

FaZe take third place in Group B at ESL Pro League
FaZe take third place in Group B at ESL Pro League

Outsiders started the match against Vitality by picking Dust 2. However, it didn’t look like it was their pick. Vitality won nine comfortable rounds on the Ct side. After the sides switched, Outsiders collapsed. The French team didn’t give any chance to their opponents winning the map 16-7.

Vitality chose Inferno and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage. Outsiders made it 9-6 in their favor in the first half. However, Vitality came back on the CT side, finishing the game 16-13.

This result led to FaZe getting the spot in the playoff without even winning their clash. Although, FaZe still took down FURIA 2-1, achieving the third victory at the event.

Matches of Group B resulted in FURIA getting the spot in the quarterfinal, while FaZe and ENCE qualified for the first round of the playoff.