HAVU put jemi back into the starting roster

HAVU put jemi back into the starting roster

Comeback from the bench

Getting to have their full lineup once again.

HAVU, who rose up the rankings quickly in the beginning of the season after building around Finnish scene veterans, decided to promote “jemi” back into the starting lineup after benching him not long before the player break, when coach “disturbed” was standing in.

Citing personal reasons and ability to deal with backlash, Finnish squad, currently ranked outside of top-30, claimed that the youngster got better with it and can focus on being the best version of himself inside and outside the server..

HAVU will be seeking tournament victories at the lesser scene before an attempt to make a run at PGL Major Stockholm spot during the second RMR event of the year, which is yet to be announced. And now that they are in full strength once more, it is not the team you would like to face most of the time.