HENU and Jimpphat join SJ Gaming

HENU and Jimpphat join SJ Gaming

Another Finnish shuffle

A pair of transfers in the Finnish lineup.

SJ Gaming, a well-known organisation in Finland, decided to make multiple changes to their lineup, as “AKE” and “BONA” got released for “HENU” and “Jimmphat”. The latter is widely considered as the most talented Finnish player since his older brother, “sergej” and another phenom, “Jamppi”, who played for SJ before ultimately transitioning into VALORANT to play for Team Liquid.

SJ aim to rebound in the second half of the season and post some decent results in Nordic tournaments and some t2 events, but Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 ended with a first round exit, as they lost to AGO Gaming, “0-2”. 

Time will tell if those roster changes were correct, but right now it looks like a step in the right direction.

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