Heroic and CPH Flames get their first wins in the Legends Stage

The Danes showed their best performance in the first round of the Legends Stage.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Legends Stage has started, and the first two matches have already come to a close.

In the first game, Heroic met Liquid. Heroic got into the Legends stage directly while Liquid were taking part in the Challengers Stage.

The teams chose Vertigo. Heroic started the first half with domination, but Liquid were able to return to the match and the half ended 9-6 in favor of the Danes. The second half was even more intense, but Heroic still managed to finish the game 16-11. The best player of the match was TeSeS with a 7.6 rating.

Heroic start the event with 1-0
Heroic start the event with 1-0

In the second match, Bad News Eagles faced CPH Flames. Bad News Eagles attended Challengers Stage, and Copenhagen Flames got into Legends through RMR. 

Bad News Eagles performed confidently in the first half of Ancient, finishing it 9-6. However, after the sides switched, CPH Flames showed their best game and won the match 16-14. RoeJ showed the best rating - 7.6.

Copenhagen Flames and Heroic start the tournament with 1-0, while Bad News Eagles and Liquid go to 0-1.