Heroic, OG to clash for a spot at BLAST Premier Fall Finals

Two winners of the second round.

First day of the second round.

With eight teams qualifying for the quarterfinals at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021, it was time for the big matches to start being played, involving the favourites to take one of the spots at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Heroic looked to make one step forward towards the domestic event, as they faced Dignitas on their preferred Nuke. A narrow lead at the half was expanded by the Danes to “13-7”, but the Swedes managed to win eight out of the last ten rounds, forcing the overtime, where Heroic still prevailed, “16-13”. Moving to Overpass, Dignitas led “9-3” before Heroic reduced the deficit to three rounds before the half, but once the Danish team was down “6-12”, it was all about them running away with the map, “16-13” and the series, “2-0”. In the final match for the coveted spot, Heroic will face off against OG, who managed to take down Complexity Gaming, “2-0”. A clean sweep of Mirage, a yet another “16-0” in the last few weeks and a harder fought “16-12” on Dust2 was more than enough for the international mix, moving to the next round.

With only six teams left in the tournament, every match at the Fall Showdown means more and more, as both spots at the Fall Finals are still up for grabs for everybody.