Heroic come back to proceed to the upper semi-finals.

Heroic make the comeback real.

Heroic advance to the upper semi-finals
Heroic advance to the upper semi-finals

The second match of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 became an emotional rollercoaster. Heroic looked a bit stronger before the start of the clash but Faze showed that they can be competitive.

The first map was picked by Faze Clan and it was one of the best maps for the European team – Mirage. The first half was intense and finished with the closest score possible – 8-7 in favor of Heroic. The ending of the map was also really close but the Danish team managed to execute their last map point and close the map with a score of 16-14.

The second map was Heroic’s pick and the first half of this Nuke wasn’t fortunate for the Danish team. Faze did a good job in the defense and finished the first half with a score of 9-6. Then the European team managed to win three rounds in a row but it was not enough. Heroic turned the game in their favor, came back and won Nuke with a score of 16-13.

In the upper semi-finals, Heroic will face the winner of the NaVi vs BIG clash while Faze are waiting for the loser of this standoff in the lower bracket.