Heroic, FURIA, and GODSENT to take part in Blast Premier Spring Showdown

The list of invites announced.

Blast released the list of invited teams for Blast Premier Spring Showdown after the change to their politics.

Recently, TO announced that Russian-based teams wouldn’t be invited to their events due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It removed Gambit and Virtus.pro from the list of potential participants, and it is beneficial for other teams as these teams were the main candidates for the invite.

Heroic has been invited to Blast Premier Spring Showdown
Heroic has been invited to Blast Premier Spring Showdown

Blast decided to invite the next highest-ranked European team - Heroic. The other two invites were given to the American teams - GODSENT and FURIA. The other spots will be distributed between the teams from open qualifiers. Iberian, Asian, East European, European, Nordic, North American, and South American teams are getting one spot each.

The event starts on April 27th. North American and European teams will compete separately. The champions of the events will get the spot at Blast Premier Spring Final.