Heroic knock OG down on their debut in group A

Heroic won an intense standoff.

Matches of group A continue, and another team have entered the lower bracket.

Heroic faced OG on their debut at IEM Katowice 2022. Previously, OG showed confident performance in Play-In, where they didn’t lose a single standoff.

Heroic win their first game
Heroic win their first game

OG picked Ancient, and it was a difficult map for the team. OG struggled on the T side but managed to return to the game after the sides switched. The first map ended 16-14 in favor of OG.

Heroic chose Overpass, and it was another competitive map. The first half was close, just like the second half. However, Heroic were a bit more confident in complicated rounds, and it led to their win with a score of 16-12.

Inferno was leftover, and the first half of this map was essential. Heroic showed outstanding performance on the T side, and it decided the winner. OG tried to resist but weren’t able to. The decider ended 16-13 in favor of Heroic.

Heroic enter the upper bracket semifinal, while OG fall to the lower bracket of groupHeroic