Heroic overcome Astralis after two overtimes in Group D

Heroic get the second victory.

ESL Pro League Season 15 progresses, and another match of Group D concluded.

Heroic faced Astralis in the Danish derby. Both teams won their first standoffs.

The first map was Ancient, picked by Astralis. The first half looked equal and ended 8-7 in favor of Astralis. After the sides switched, they seized an advantage and quickly finished the map 16-12.

Heroic add the second win to their account
Heroic add the second win to their account

Heroic chose Overpass and didn’t manage to show their best performance on the T side, losing ten rounds. However, on the CT side, Heroic made a comeback, transferring the game into overtime. The first series decided the winner, and the map ended 19-16 in favor of Heroic.

The decider was Vertigo. The map started with a close battle, and the first half ended 8-7 in favor of Heroic. The second half turned out to be the same, and Astralis made it to overtime. The first series ended with a draw, but the second series was finished quickly by Heroic with 22-19.

Heroic get their second win, while Astralis add first defeat to their account.