Heroic take down Complexity after close second map in Group D

Heroic start the event with a victory.

Group D matches at ESL Pro League continue, and another standoff ended with 2-0.

Heroic faced Complexity. Heroic were clear favorites, as Complexity didn’t show sufficient results earlier this year.

Heroic take the first win at ESL Pro League
Heroic take the first win at ESL Pro League

Complexity decided to pick Ancient and showed a decent level of performance on the T side. The first half ended 8-7 in favor of Heroic. After the sides switched, Heroic started dominating. Complexity didn’t have any chance to come back, and the Danish team won the game 16-9.

Heroic chose Overpass, and the first half was as close as it was on the first map. However, this time, Complexity took eight rounds on the CT side. At the beginning of the second half, Complexity seized the advantage making it 13-10, but Heroic quickly returned to the game. Danes finished the map 16-14.

Heroic get their first win at the event, while Complexity add a defeat to their account.