Heroic advance past VP, to the semifinals in Stockholm

A three map series.

The first team to the semifinals.

As PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has reached the playoffs, it was the time for the first quarterfinal to open the stage. Heroic, who looked better in the second Swiss than during the first, had to face off one of the three CIS teams remaining at the event, Virtus.pro, who were the reigning vice-champions of the Major.

A back and forth first half on Mirage gave Heroic a narrow lead coming to the break, which gave them enough fuel to push through the VP’s defence and win the map “16-10” with a solid offensive showing. Despite multiple unseen clutches by the Danes, Ancient turned to be even closer, as VP secured their second straight win on what was considered as one of their weaknesses, “16-13”, equalizing the score. A solid start by Heroic on Inferno turned into a three round lead at halftime, which was followed by the second round force buy after the break. VP still tried to mount a furious comeback at the event but ultimately fell short, “12-16”, as Heroic won the series, “2-1”.


While a disappointing exit for the CIS mix, the Danes are going to debut at the semifinals stage, as none of their players besides the coach “Xizt” have ever been in the top-4 of the Major event.