Spirit look stellar while forZe struggle on IEM Fall CIS Day 1

Spirit look stellar while forZe struggle on IEM Fall CIS Day 1

Four spots in Sweden are still in play.

Day one is in the books.

Twelve teams with aspirations of going to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 have clashed on Day 1 during the IEM Fall CIS, one of the strongest regions with five spots at the coveted tournament.

Group A featured Natus Vincere, who have already qualified for the Swedish event, Team Spirit and Entropiq trying to book their slots at the Major as well, as all three favourites won their games. Spirit, however, were the only team to trounce their opposition, as both Entropiq and NAVI have barely avoided being upset instead of sharing first place before tomorrow, when all three are going to meet each other on the server. Group B features Virtus.pro and Gambit Esports sharing first place with the latter dodging bullets against INDE IRAE and K23, while forZe, who are currently sitting in the Major qualifying position, lost to both Team Unique and INDE IRAE to put themselves on the brink of elimination from the biggest event of the season.

Group play at the IEM Fall CIS will continue tomorrow, as four teams are going to qualify for the playoffs, while the third place finishers in each group will clash for a chance to get the coveted RMR points and qualify for the tournament in Stockholm.