IEM Fall Europe Day 2 is complete

The stacked event keeps going.

Second day is complete.

IEM Fall Europe continued on day one, as all twenty four teams seeked to find the much needed victories to come closer to the playoffs, RMR points and the PGL Major Stockholm spots.

In group A G2 Esports kept winning despite their recent slump, as they never let BIG to seize control on Nuke for “16-8”. Copenhagen Flames survived against AURA on Overpass, despite trailing “7-13”, as the last second ninja defuse in a “1v4” helped them to get over the line, “16-14”, while FunPlus Phoenix managed to even out their score against mousesports, winning Nuke “16-12”.  Group B started out as expected, as Complexity Gaming won against a shorthanded Endpoint CeX squad on Mirage, “16-7”, while Astralis secured their second victory, this time against Movistar Riders on Inferno, “16-13”. Sinners Esports, however, were not aboard with pregame favourites winning, as the Czech team ran Heroic out of Vertigo, “16-12”. ENCE Esports and OG nearly played two maps worth of Mirage with the latter prevailing, “28-25”, Team Vitality managed to put Sprout away by the end of Vertigo, “16-14”, while Dignitas finished the day in group C with their first win of the event against MAD Lions on Inferno, “16-9”. SKADE won the Bulgarian derby over Fiend on Overpass, “16-14”, DBL PONEY got their second win in a row, this time against fnatic on Nuke, “16-13” and Ninjas in Pyjamas crushed FaZe Clan on Ancient, “16-8” to finish the second day.

Third round is going to start tomorrow, as all twenty four teams are still in contention and have a lot to play for.