IEM Fall CIS groups are revealed

IEM Fall CIS groups are revealed

A highly stacked event.

IEM Fall will be the third and final RMR event for the CIS region, which took the entire CS:GO scene by storm in 2021. Five teams will qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 with Natus Vincere already being guaranteed to make it to their sixteenth straight Major event.

NAVI will be in group A with Team Spirit who are almost 100% to make it to Sweden themselves for the Major debut, another top-20 team in Entropiq, dangerous Akuma and Nemiga Gaming squads and AVE, who are making their debut at the RMR events this season. Gambit Esports, arguably the best team of 2021 overall so far, will be in group B, where they are going to meet with K23 and forZe, who are currently in the coveted top-5,, who are, unexpectedly, not among those five, Team Unique, formerly known as 100PingGods and INDIE IRAE making their first appearance at RMR events as well.

Only two teams out of each group will make it to the playoffs, while the third place finishers will play for additional RMR points. Best of one format at the stacked event - a must see TV!