IEM Fall Asia, Oceania, South America is almost set to start

IEM Fall Asia, Oceania, South America is almost set to start

A chance to make it to the grandest of stages.

Three IEM Fall editions in Asia, South America and Oceania will only feature one spot at the PGL Major Stockholm in play, as four of the best teams in every region are going to clash for the final championship and tickets to Sweden for the biggest event of the season.

Oceania will feature the heavy favourite in Renegades trying to defend their local crown from the contenders such as ORDER, LookingForOrg, formerly known as Dire Wolves and VERTEX, who made it to the final four after a qualifying process. South America has MIBR on top by the smallest of margin, as YNG Sharks and Bravos Gaming are still in attendance with Imperial Esports as the final team at the event. Last but not least, Asian clash will feature two Chinese heavyweights in TYLOO and Vici Gaming, an Asian superteam of NKT and Mongolian mix of Checkmate with only Chinese squads having a realistic chance of making it to the Stockholm due to the RMR points situation.

Who will make it to the Major and who is going to be left watching from home and preparing for the other events? Do not miss anything, as it is less than a week until IEM Fall begins!