Bravos, YNG Sharks win on IEM Fall SA Day 1

Bravos, YNG Sharks win on IEM Fall SA Day 1

Race for the European Major slot.

First day of the tournament is complete.

South American IEM Fall featured four teams, but only two of them could realistically make it to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - MIBR and Sharks Esports, while Bravos Esports and Imperial Esports were left to play the role of spoiler between those two.

In the first round, however, Bravos had to face Imperial, as both teams went back and forth on the maps they’ve chosen. On Ancient the latter had a “11-4” half on the defence but could not provide more than three won rounds on the offence, as Bravos won their own map pick, “16-14”, before coming back from five match points down on Nuke to snatch that one as well, “19-17”, “2-0”. MIBR and YNG Sharks, however, clashed on another side of the bracket, as neither map was out of reach until the end as well. MIBR had a “14-11” lead on Nuke, but did not manage to post another round on the board, as Sharks secured the map in regulation, “16-14” before their offensive outburst on Mirage allowed them to get by MIBR’s defence and get the second “16-14” in a row to win the series, “2-0”.

YNG Sharks will now play Bravos Esports for a spot in the grand final, while MIBR need to simply run the table and win the event, starting with a match against Imperial Esports in the lower bracket tomorrow.