IEM Winter 2021 begins

One of the last big events of the year is starting today.

IEM Winter is a tier-1 event
IEM Winter is a tier-1 event

IEM Winter 2021 is the last event of the year for many teams and performance at this tournament will finish the season for them. There will be 8 eight teams from the top-10 except for NaVi and Entropiq.

The event will start on December 2nd and last for 10 days. The tournament will start from the group stage. The format of the stage is playoff Double-Elimination. Three teams out of eight will advance to the playoff Single-Elimination.

The opening matches will be played in bo1 format. The matches of the first day: NIP vs Astralis, MOUZ vs Vitality, G2 vs Tyloo, OG vs Liquid, Gambit vs fnatic, ENCE vs, Faze vs BIG, GODSENT vs Heroic.