IHC Signs Annihilation

The Mongolian team replaced the sniper.

IHC attracted attention by showing a decent game against teams that were a cut above at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. The team was eliminated in the Challegners stage with a score of 2-3 at that Major, which is not bad for a debut. And today, IHC announced the changes in the rooster.

Annihilation changed the team
Annihilation changed the team

IHC announced the signing of Tuvshintugs Anninhilation Nyamdorj. He will replace Yesuntumur nin9 Gantulga, who has been retired.

Annihilation previously played for another team from the Asian region - NKT. Unfortunately, the team was not the most successful in the region and lost the qualifiers for the Asian RMR, finishing in last place. However, Annihilation stood out strongly, which earned him a place in the best team in Asia.