Imperial, 00Nation, 9z, and Case take the spots at Americas RMR

The first SA open qualifier concluded.

Americas RMR open qualifier cycle has started, and the first bunch of teams got their spots at the RMR event.

Imperial, 00Nation, 9z, and Case qualified for Americas RMR. Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo's Last Dance roster’s first steps turned out to be successful. Their journey under Imperial tag at South America open qualifier was swift and easy, and they hadn’t even lost a map before their qualification.

Imperial take the spot at Americas RMR
Imperial take the spot at Americas RMR

The other teams had problems in the deciding matches. 00Nation were destroyed by Isurus on Inferno, 9z lost the second map to B4, and Case had a close match with Sharks. However, all of these teams managed to earn the spot.

There are 11 spots at the Americas RMR event left: 4 slots for South American teams and seven for North American. The second South America open qualifier has already started. North American teams will join the qualifiers on March 10th.