Imperial advance to the Legends Stage

The Brazilian team round up the list of the Legends.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage has come to an end, and the last team have earned the spot in the Legends stage.

Imperial and forZe faced off in the last match for the spot.

Imperial become the Legends
Imperial become the Legends

The first map was Overpass, picked by Imperial. The Brazilians immediately began to dominate and won 11 rounds on the T side. In the second half, the situation did not change and Imperial won the map 16-5. ForZe chose Mirage and were able to resist in the first half, finishing it 5-10. However, after the sides switched, the CIS team crumbled and Imperial won the map 16-5. The best player of the match was FalleN with a 8.0 rating.

Imperial take the last spot in the Legends, while forZe leave the event after the third defeat in a row.