The former G2 player has found a team.

Early on in Player Break, there were rumors that Audric JACKZ Jug was looking for a new band. And today, his new team has become known.

HEET has announced the signing of JACKZ. He will replace Lucas Lucky Chastang, who has posted an average rating of 6.02 in recent months. Although JACKZ lags behind him in this component, you need to consider that HEET almost never played with tier-1 teams, so the experience of the former G2 player in this situation is much more important. As a result, lucky was sent to the reserve.

Comparison between Lucky and Jackz

HEET's current line-up:

  • Alexandre bodyy Pianaro
  • Aurelien afroo Drappier
  • Thomas Djoko Pavoni
  • Pierre Ex3rcice Boulignier
  • Audric JACKZ Jug
  • Mathieu matHEND Roquini (coach)