Jame: "Take Boombl4 And YEKINDAR to G2, And It Will Be Ok"

Jame shared his thoughts on the G2 roster.

The latest rumors are that G2 is saying goodbye to two players. Jami Jame Ali talked about how you can build a G2 roster on his stream.

Jame spoke about the composition of G2
Jame spoke about the composition of G2
Boombl4 and YEKINDAR should be picked up to G2, which will generally be fine. Pure CIS team: m0NESY, Boombl4, YEKINDAR, and the Kovacs brothers. Only the roles will be difficult, of course. Boombl4 will take everything, NiKo will take all the roles of the old player, but already there is a discrepancy. It turns out that YEKINDAR should be on the sidelines.
Jami Jame Ali

According to the latest rumors, Alexi Aleksib Virolainen will be replaced by Alex ALEX McMeekin.