karrigan chose his "Dream Team"

karrigan chose his "Dream Team"

One of the best.

One of the most decorated players in Counter-Strike history, Finn “karrigan” Andersen chose his “dream team” in CS:GO.

As expected, roster was headlined with Natus Vincere’s supernova, “s1mple”. Called as “the greatest player in CS:GO history” by Danish captain, karrigan did not hesitate for a second while making that choice. However, FaZe Clan’s in-game leader noted that s1mple would not pick up an AWP in his lineup. That role was given to “Sunde”, mTw sniper, who innovated the art of using quickscopes in 1.6 version of the game. Dane has barely played CS:GO, but still remains as one of the biggest legends despite it.

Other spots on the team were filled with former teammates of karrigan, albeit in different squads and eras. “gob b”, IGL and captain of star-studded mousesports, “Xyp9x”, who went from a fringe roster player into the most feared clutcher in the entire world and “ropz”, Estonian prodigy, who puts server on fire any time mouz need it.

Even if we’re never going to see this team in action, while karrigan’s FaZe Clan are quickly picking up steam, it’s fun to dream about those super squads! Who would you pick for your lineup? Post and discuss in comments!