Karrigan: “FaZe and NAVI Are Head Above Other Teams This Season”

FaZe Clan captain Finn karrigan Andersen explained why only his team and NAVI could qualify for the IEM Cologne 2022 playoffs from the list of top ten teams in the world.

In this competitive environment, it is not easy to consistently maintain a place at the top. A lot of the top ten teams have gone through a long season. A lot of them knew this was their last chance [to earn a championship this season]. Many teams that have made it far into the tournament are having roster problems, and they need to show they can compete. Quite unexpectedly, [out of the top 10], only FaZe, and NAVI made it to the playoffs. This is a sign that we and NAVI were head above the rest during the season.
Finn karrigan Andersen

Both FaZe and Natus Vincere went straight to the IEM Cologne semi-finals. Matches with their participation will be held on July 16 at the Lanxess Arena.

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