Kassad Calls a $200,000 Release For jks Crazy

Former 100 Thieves and EXTREMUM coach Aleksandar kassad Trifunovic spoke about the release of Justin jks Savage, which seemed to him irrational.

G2 needs a defensive midfielder, and that's jks. Its price is about $200,000. This is crazy. He is a good player and was in the top 20 in 2019 and 2020. We know what he is capable of, we saw him win IEM Katowice with Faze, but he has been without a team for a year. No organization will pay $200K for him. G2 could offer Complexity: "Let's give you $150K, $100K right now, and another $50K later from the stickers we get at the next two majors." If I were jks or his agent, I could say to G2: "Instead of paying me $25k a month, pay me $15k and use the rest of the money to buy me out."
Aleksandar kassad Trifunovic

Jks played for Complexity from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021, having played only one tournament this year (IEM Katowice 2022) for FaZe Clan as a stand-in, which he won.