Kassad On Signing Jks to G2: "The Best Decision G2 Could Have Made"

Two experts commented on the signing of jks in G2.

G2 have recently signed Justin jks Savage to replace Audric JACKZ Juga. Many considered such a decision controversial, but Alexander kassad Trifunovic and Alex Mauisnake Ellenberg defended this choice in an interview with HLTV.org.

jks will fit perfectly into G2 according to kassad
jks will fit perfectly into G2 according to kassad

Kassad has coached the jks in the past and played with Nikola NiKo Kovacs, allowing him to be an expert on this lineup change.

[G2's] CT side was problematic when it came to defensive midfielders, and jks plays those positions intuitively, so it's perfect. <…> Speaking of the T side, I expect jks to get the right lurking roles for him, where he's one of the best.
Alexander kassad Trifonovich

Mauisnake talked about the other side of jks. In his opinion, the player is a very flexible lurker who can run first and stay in clutches.

M0NESY performed the team's most memorable clutches, and now they have the same player with a rifle.
Alex Mauisnake Ellenberg