KennyS on m0NESY: "He's Like a Little Brother to Me"

Professional CS: GO player Kenny kennyS Shrab spoke about his relationship with Ilya m0NESY Osipov. He also assessed the prospects of the young Russian esportsman.

M0NESY… Yes. He is a little different. He is like a little brother to me. I really get along with him. I see him as more of a good friend and younger brother than just a player. Anyone who has a style of play similar to mine, I respect and enjoy their performances.
Kenny kennyS Shrub

Shrab also gave a forecast for Osipov's future:

Honestly, I do not know. He is still far from his peak. We need to talk about this in two or three years. But he has the potential to become the best player in the world.
Kenny kennyS Shrub

Since March 2021, kennyS has been on the bench at G2 Esports. Since then, rumors about his transition to VALORANT have repeatedly appeared on the network.