Liquid eliminate Astralis

Both Danish teams are out.

IEM Winter 2021 loses another Danish team. Astralis came across Liquid in the second round of the lower bracket.

Liquid surprised their fans
Liquid surprised their fans

Nuke was picked by Astralis and it was an absolute disaster. Liquid didn’t give any chance to the Danish team. There was no space for Astralis on this map. Liquid their opponent with only one lost round. The score of the map is 16-1 in favor of the American team.

Astralis couldn’t recover from the nightmare on the first map. They tried to come back into the game but Liquid were unstoppable. They were capable of fighting back in the first half and absolutely destroyed their opponent on the CT side finishing the map with a score of 16-10 and winning the game.

Astralis are preparing for Blast Premier World Final while Liquid are waiting for the winner of the NIP vs OG standoff to battle for the playoff spot.