Liquid eliminate Evil Geniuses from group C at Blast Spring Groups

Liquid survive to enter consolidation final.

The first eliminated team in group C at Blast Premier Spring Groups have been unveiled.

Liquid faced Evil Geniuses after being defeated by FaZe in the overtime. Previously, Evil Geniuses were destroyed by Vitality with a score of 16-3.

Liquid advance to the consolidation final of group C
Liquid advance to the consolidation final of group C

At the beginning of the fourth Inferno in group C Liquid’s performance looked modest as they weren’t able to counter Evil Geniuses’ T side. It resulted in EG finishing the first half 10-5. However, in the second half, key Liquid players started to shine, destroying opponents in every round to reach overtime. In the overtime, nitr0 and co continued to show outstanding performance, winning the game 19-17.

Liquid are preparing to face FaZe while Evil Geniuses are waiting for their appearance in the first round of the Knockout stage against BIG.