Liquid sign oSee

American organization has finally confirmed AWPer signing.

Rumors continue to confirm, and today Liquid announced the AWPer of their new roster.

The community have already known about this signing before the official announcement as Dexerto and other multiple insiders shared this information with the public. Josh “oSee” Ohm will officially play for Liquid in 2022.

oSee will do his best to return Liquid to the top
oSee will do his best to return Liquid to the top

Ex-Extra Salt AWPer showed an incredible level of individual skill in the previous season. OSee excelled from other players on the tier-2 scene while he was playing Extra Salt. Even in the middle of the year, multiple analytics were talking about his future in the tier-1 team. And the opportunity appeared – Liquid were disappointed with their current roster and started to rebuild.

OSee was the best available option as he was already performing in North America and his statistics were outstanding.

There are only two spots in Liquid are left. According to multiple insiders, they will be occupied by Nick “nitr0” Canella and Richard “shox” Papillon.