Little Chose Which Teams Will Win the Quarterfinals of IEM Cologne 2022

Former coach of HellRaisers and forZe Anatoly liTTle Yashin shared his predictions for the quarterfinals of IEM Cologne 2022.

[Winner of Movistar Riders – Liquid]
I think Movistar Riders will win. The team shows too cool CS. YEKINDAR has not yet fit into Team Liquid, although he says he may stay there, but the team is in a fever. There is no need to hope that Team Liquid will beat a team that is playing hard right now, that won DH Valencia, that beats all the tops like Natus Vincere. I don't believe in any of this.

[MOUZ - Astralis]

I watched MOUZ play against Natus Vincere. The guys have a really cool CS, but they lack such a moment when they would show coherence and tough teamplay. They are wrong. In the match against NAVI, they lost all the clutches. But as the tournament progresses, MOUZ picks up hard. Astralis is Astralis. We see that they can play. They show their CS, but it doesn't look like a stellar line-up. I think MOUZ will win here.
Anatoly litTle Yashin

Movistar Riders will play in the playoffs of IEM Cologne 2022 against Liquid on July 15 at 20:00, and Astralis - MOUZ will meet at 16:30 on the same date.