Looking for Org win ESL AU&NZ Championship Season 13

A win for both squads.

One more event has been completed.

With the ESL Pro League Season 15 qualifications going all over the world, Looking for Org has already clinched their spot in the group stage of the prestigious event with a victory in the ESEA Australia Premier Season 38. That meant that ORDER would be guaranteed a spot at the ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference even with a loss in the ESL Australia and New Zealand Championship Season 13.

With a solid start to  Dust2, Looking for Org switched to their offence with a five round lead and despite the best efforts by ORDER on the defence, it was still a “16-12” end result not in their favour. Nuke looked better for ORDER in the beginning, as they had a narrow lead at halftime, but Looking for Org nearly locked them out of the sites in the second half, winning the second map with the same “16-12” scoreline. Vertigo finally looked like ORDER are going to take a game, as they hit the match point first, but Looking for Org forced the overtime and won the map, “19-16”, sweeping their local rivals with a “3-0” overall score.


With less than six thousand dollars for the winning team, Looking for Org can still prepare for their debut at ESL Pro League Season 15, while ORDER and their below four thousand winnings will come handy in preparation for the EPL S15 Conference.