Lucky leaves Astralis

Lucky finally departs.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 will start in five days and today the rosterlock was announced. And this event marked the final farewell of Astralis to the young sniper Philip "Lucky" Ewald.

Astralis officially announced Lucky's departure from the team. The young sniper was not included in the Danish team roster at PGL Major Antwerp 2022, and he announced the search for a new team. The young Dane will leave the organization at the end of May after the expiration of the contract.

Lucky will leave Astralis in the nearest future
Lucky will leave Astralis in the nearest future

Lucky received a ton of criticism after joining the team. To most viewers, the new player did not seem to be a good enough replacement for Nicolai "device" Reedtz. And statistics proved this opinion. He had successful games that he could finish with a rating above 6, but this rarely happened and most often Lucky was in the 5.5 area. And it would not be fatal if the Dane did not play with AWP.

In October 2021, the player had big problems with confidence, which is why he stopped playing with AWP. Astralis tried to help Lucky, but he could not cope with the pressure, so in February Asger "Farlig" Jensen replaced the Dane.

Lucky has already stated that he is missing the professional scene and is ready to use his experience in a new team.