M4A1-S Popularity Decreased After Nerf

Valve managed to downgrade the popularity of the M4A1-S.

In one of the latest updates to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve nerfed the M4A1-S by reducing the number of rounds in the magazine by 5. So now, this weapon has only 20 rounds in a magazine and 80 in reserve.

The update lowered the popularity of the M4A1
The update lowered the popularity of the M4A1

The portal pley.gg collected statistics of the M4A1-S use in matchmaking and Faceit. The use of the M4A1-S dropped from 50.48% of buy rounds to 42.98% on Faceit, while the popularity of the M4A4 increased from 3.74% to 10.25%. The changes are less dramatic in matchmaking. M4A1-S: 43.44%>37.76%, M4A4: 6.67%>11.16%.

This statistic suggests that Valve managed to diversify two weapons, and each makes sense. Each type of weapon is suitable for different situations, and it is worth looking forward to further growth in using the M4A4. The same dynamics should be traced to the professional scene.