SPELLAN leaves MAD Lions

SPELLAN leaves MAD Lions

Second change in this lineup

Another change in the lion's den.

MAD Lions have announced that “SPELLAN” is benched and cleared to explore offers from other organisations. Long removed from the top-10 rankings of Danish lineups, MAD Lions have signed a young European lineup but failed to impress during a vast majority of events, as Bulgarian captain grew impatient and asked to leave the project..

There is still a lot of talent on the team and legendary “kuben” coaching, but further development is going to go without Bulgarian in-game leader. It remains to be seen, where “SPELLAN” goes, as most Bulgarians high tier players are either on SKADE, Team Fiend or AWPing in North American organisations like “CeRq” and “poizon”, but a potential move to FATE or building up his own squad is not out of reach.

Who is going to be higher in the standings by the end of the year - “SPELLAN” or MAD Lions? Only time will tell.