MAD Lions take down Evil Geniuses, advance in BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

The final match of the first round.

Last match of the first round.

With seven teams already advancing to the quarterfinals of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021, it was time for the last game to be played, featuring Evil Geniuses and MAD Lions.

The North American team, which has guaranteed themselves a spot at PGL Major Stockholm after a grueling run through the IEM Fall North America, looked to perform well during the last event before the Major, as they led by one after a defensive half on Nuke. MAD Lions, however, one upped the favourites and their offence in the second half, as the European team ran away with the map, “16-13”. Switching to Dust2, it was once again the young MAD Lions squad leading the charge on their defence with the three round lead at the break and despite EG taking the “12-10” lead, MAD Lions closed the game with a furious rally, “16-12”, “2-0”.

MAD Lions will now face G2 Esports in the second round of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, while Evil Geniuses are out of contention for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals and will look to rebound at PGL Major Stockholm later this month.