Why is the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 final played in a bo3?

The unstable format in the circuit.

A questionable decision.

With the list of participants being confirmed, the prize pool split announced and even all the substitute players for PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being listed, the only rhetorical question being left is the playoffs format.

With a vast majority of the tournaments in the current CS:GO landscape utilizing the best of five format for the finals, the fact that Major is still using a best of three, while the qualifiers can choose between the bo3 and bo5, does not seem to follow the general pattern. However, with the teams openly saying that best of five is not the best format, especially if you have a series beforehand, everyone can enjoy the quality single elimination bracket with eight of the best teams on the planet clashing for the coveted trophy.


Best of five is a good format for MOBA games, where the difference between the certain drafts, picks and strategies can be enormous from one map to another. In CS:GO, however, there are only seven maps which are already hard enough to master and only few teams actually play all seven, so putting only three on the table instead of the potential five boosts the level of competition throughout the series.