Heroic survive against TYLOO, MOUZ take down Sharks Esports in Sweden

Closer than expected.

The opening day of the competition.

With only two games being left to play in the first round of the first Swiss system, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 looked to deliver even more exciting matches than during the first few hours of the event.

Sharks Esports, the best team out of the South American qualifying circuit, faced off against MOUZ, a team which was arguably the best in the world few months ago but has slipped to around top-10 ranking ever since. Both teams ended up on Inferno, even though Sharks had an option to force Ancient onto the server for the first time in the tournament, which has clearly favoured ex-mousesports lineup. Down “0-3”, MOUZ won ten out of the last twelve rounds in the half before losing the second pistol as well. That did not help the Brazilian mix, however, as the international team posted six in a row after that, securing their first win in Stockholm, “16-6”.


Heroic, one of the biggest favourites to take it all, went against the best Asian team, TYLOO, as both squads decided on Inferno as well over Vertigo. A back and forth first half saw the Danes escape with a narrow lead but their Chinese opponents quickly took the lead in the second half, “10-8”. A bunch of extremely close rounds swinged the game in Heroic fashion, however, as they survived the opener, “16-12”, moving to the next round with a win.

The second round of the Swiss system will begin in less than an hour, as both Sharks Esports and TYLOO will have a chance to post a win, going against each other, while the winner of a MOUZ-Heroic game will move one step closer to the second stage of the Swedish event.