FaZe Clan, G2 Esports restart the Major with the wins

Big names with the big wins.

The opening day of the second round.

With the first stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being complete, it was time to move on to the second stage of the Swiss system to find out the eight playoffs participants.

Choosing between Mirage and Dust2, Evil Geniuses opted to bring their match against FaZe Clan to the latter, as they took a “3-1” lead early into the game. A monstrous match by “rain”, however, brought the end to all the hopes of the North American squad, as FaZe Clan switched to their offence with a five round lead before running over the EG’s defence for a “16-6” finish to keep their undefeated streak alive in Stockholm.

Copenhagen Flames looked to do the same, as they led “8-4” on their offence on Ancient and then “11-8” on the defence. That, however, was not enough to take down G2 Esports, as the French-Balkan mix exploded for eight in a row on their attack, securing a “16-11” victory to start their campaign in Sweden with a “1-0”.

With two matches being done, it is only the beginning of the second round at the sixteenth Major.