A million for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 winner

An unfortunate winnings split.

A lion share of the prize pool.

With only few days left until the beginning of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. the first CS:GO Major in more than two years, new information shows up online on a daily basis.

On Saturday it was announced that the Major champion will collect a whooping one million dollars, half of the entire prize pool. That marks the first time the Major winning squad is going to collect a seven digit number, however that comes with another questionable decision by the organizers. Teams, which are going to be eliminated in the first Swiss system, are going to receive nothing, while the non-playoffs teams from the second stage will get 17,5 thousands. Those numbers combined with a lack of stickers for the players on the playoff-bound teams, make almost no sense considering the lack of the Major events for years and the general instability of the scene.


The mixes in the quarterfinals will collect 70 thousands each with 140 grand going towards the squads in the semifinals and 300 - for the finalist. Rich get richer according to PGL, however while at The International it works due to a massive prize pool all across the board, at the Major, which is the dream for the vast majority of the teams, it does not work the same way at all. The Swedish event is going to begin on October 26th and last until November 7th, when the winner of the sixteenth Major is going to be crowned.